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Early Years from 16 months to 6 years






Under our expert tuition children progress faster – children are placed in the correct level of class for their age  with activities designed with safe practice and care for the development of young minds and bodies. Our classes are held in our beautiful purpose built studios with special dance floor, mirrors, surround sound, air con, staffed reception for your safety and comfort and we employ fully qualified teachers who work with a studio assistant .   You will find us on the Approved Centre lists for SQA, ISTD, RAD and CDET – all these organisations demand a high level of qualifications and stringent policy and procedures. The health, safety and welfare of your child is paramount.


This 30 minute class has been designed for babies of approximately 18 – 30 months accompanied by an adult – parent, grandparent or child minder. One adult may accompany 2 children on condition that at least one child can walk unaided.  Booking is essential as these classes are very popular and have a limited number of spaces in each class.

Available classes 

  • MDC –  Tuesdays 10am and 2.30 and Saturdays 10.15
  • Braehead – Mondays,  Dunblane – Saturdays  – waiting lists apply

We are delighted to announce our new dance and drama curriculum – MINI MOVERS which has 4 levels. This has been designed following extensive research into child development, dance education and performing arts training as well as taking into account parent’s views and our experience within our existing classes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss this further.  The main benefit is that  children will work on the next level of work when they are ready, not necessarily at the start of a new academic year.


MONUMENT  MINI MOVERS – Level 1 & 2 = Preschool children

This is a 45 minute class – cost = £5.50 per class – for children from around 3 years old designed to introduce boys and girls to the joy of dancing to music while learning to take turns and work/play with others. Through favourite nursery rhymes we sing and dance, and encourage the children to develop their imagination, co-ordination and vocal skills. Although the atmosphere is relaxed, the children do learn how to work in a disciplined manner. The class will start with an old favourite – “here we go round the mulberry bush”, technical exercises are disguised within games and imaginative sequences. Parents will be invited to informally watch at the end of each term with a formal parent’s day at the end of the summer term. In the level 2 class a little more emphasis is placed on developing basic listening, behavioural, co-ordination and balance skills. We also start learning the official syllabus for the following;

  1. Pre-School activities
  2. Pre-Primary Ballet – Royal Academy of Dance – RAD
  3. Modern Primary – Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance – ISTD
  4. Intro to Musical Theatre – International Dance Teachers Association – IDTA

Classes may be split into 2 classes – levels 1 & 2 if the class teacher considers this to be best for the children in the class.

 Available times

  • MDC  Saturdays 10am, Tues 10.30, Tues 3.45
  • Braehead – Mondays – waiting list applie
  • Doune – The Muir Hall – Sat – 9.30
  • Dunblane – Braeport Centre – 9.00

HAPPY TAPPERS – available in addition to Mini Movers

Some basic tap skills are taught in this 15 minute fun packed class. (£1.50 per class) The children will follow the ISTD Pre Primary Tap syllabus developing rhythm, numeracy skills, co-ordination and accuracy of foot articulation. Levels 1 & 2 will normally be combined and the progression of work will continue into Level 3 & 4 when the students will be entered for ISTD Pre-Primary class exams.







 When the children are 5 years old they will be invited to enter for PrePrimary Ballet & Tap  exams and at 6 years old they may take the Primary Ballet, Tap, Modern and Introductory Musical Theatre exams. Exams will be optional.











 MONUMENT  MINI MOVERS & Happy Tappers – Level 3  Primary 1,  2

This 60 minute class will continue to develop dance, drama and musical theatre skills contained in the syllabus of the following;

  1. Pre Primary Ballet – RAD Class Award
  2. Pre Primary Tap – ISTD Class Award
  3. Primary Modern – ISTD exam
  4. Introductory Stage Musical Theatre – IDTA Class Award

The children will be invited to enter the RAD Ballet & ISTD Tap Class awards which are a pleasant introduction to exams. Students will be invited to move up to Preparatory level when they have passed the Pre-Primary exams/class awards. We will also hold an annual informal presentation class with parent audience to  show off the class work. Students will also be introduced to the exam work of ISTD Modern and IDTA Musical Theatre syllabus work. Cost = £6.50 per class



MONUMENT  MINI MOVERS & Happy Tappers – Level  4 & Preparatory –  Primary 2, 3 or 4

This 60 minute class  will continue to develop dance, drama and musical theatre skills contained in the exam syllabus of the following;

  1. Primary Modern – ISTD Exam
  2. Introductory Stage Musical Theatre – IDTA Class Award/Exam
  3. Primary Tap – ISTD Class Award/Exam
  4. Primary Ballet – RAD Class Award/ Exam

Students will be prepared and entered for exams/class awards with RAD, ISTD & IDTA and will then be invited to move up to Grade 1. We will continue to invite parents into watch class work regularly.

Mini Movers & Happy Tappers Level 4 may be combined with Preparatory Level


Information for parents of new Preschool Dance Pupils

We are happy to accept boys and girls from the age of 2 1/2 into our Pre-school Dance classes. Once children have settled in to this class they learn how to take instructions from the class teacher, how to take turns and work in groups. Through favourite nursery rhymes we sing and dance and encourage …

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