Information for parents of new Preschool Dance Pupils

We are happy to accept boys and girls from the age of 2 1/2 into our Pre-school Dance classes. Once children have settled in to this class they learn how to take instructions from the class teacher, how to take turns and work in groups. Through favourite nursery rhymes we sing and dance and encourage the children to develop their imagination and co-ordination skills. Although the atmosphere is relaxed the children do learn how to work in a disciplined manner. This class is used as a base for any style of dancing as it doesn’t follow any specific dance technique.

Clothing is casual, shorts, leggings T-shirts, sand shoes or slipper socks are all fine to start with although we recommend that ballet shoes be purchased as soon as possible as the dance studio floors are designed to be non slip and rubber soles tend to stick.

Of course you may prefer your child to wear the school uniform which is a pink skirted leotard for girls with pink ballet socks & pink ballet shoes with elastic stitched on to form a strap across the instep. Black or navy tight fitting shorts for boys, white tight fitting t-shirt, white socks, black ballet shoes with elastic stitched on correctly.

Most children have so much fun they don’t mind mum/dad staying outside, especially if they have previously attended our baby and parent classes but we will help your child settle in any way we can.

To help your child settle we recommend the following;

1. Arrive as near class starting time as possible, don’t be late but don’t arrive too early as this could cause your child an anxious wait.

2. If your child is happy to go into the studio with the teacher and the rest of the class, let them go. Don’t make a big fuss as the child may assume you are abandoning them.  If this works you can reward her/him with lots of big hugs and kisses afterwards. Remember the more fuss you make before the class the more he /she will think you are leaving for a bad reason.

3. If your child is upset at you leaving her/him you are welcome to go into the class with him/her but you must act as a pupil. Do not give your child any instructions, let the teacher do that. You sing and dance with the children and they may not even notice when you slip out – if you do slip out do not make a big thing out of saying goodbye – if asked the teacher will gently explain that you have gone for a rest and a coffee with the other parents in reception.

4. Do not be late collecting your child from class and remember to inform us if another adult is collecting your child after class.

5. Please ensure your child visits the toilet before class. Please wait within the Dance Centre if he/she cannot last 45minutes without another toilet trip. Although our staff will be happy to assist in an emergency we prefer not to take children to the toilet.

 Please note we will not allow older or younger siblings into the studio as they will distract our other pupils.  If your child is very shy it may take a couple of weeks for us to win their trust – any longer than that and we recommend you leave it and try again at a later date.

 Please respect our child safety policy which states that spectators are not permitted in any of our classes, except on official parent’s days.