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Juniors for children age 8 – 11 – Grades 1 – 4

Pupils should expect to do 18 – 24 months in each class, although pupils who have poor attendance may spend longer in each grade while those who show exceptional talent and commitment may progress at a quicker pace.  Pupils who show exceptional talent and commitment may progress quicker. due to our show which is held every 2nd year we work on a 2 year programme for each level.

Grade 1 Ballet, Tap and Modern

For children who have passed the Primary exams, performance awards or for new pupils age 8+. Most pupils attend all three dance styles but it is possible to enrol for one or two classes.  ISTD Modern and Tap are thirty minute classes while RAD Ballet is a forty-five minute class. Tap grades are structured differently and pupils may find they are in a higher grade for modern and ballet than they are for tap.

Available classes – contact us for times

  • MDC – Saturdays & Tuesdays
  • Pupils will progress to the following classes once they reach the required standard for the exams which are optional.
  • RAD Ballet, ISTD Tap &  Modern Grade 2 – MDC – Saturdays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • RAD Ballet, ISTD Tap &  Modern Grade 3, 4 – MDC Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays,
  • Musical Theatre IDTA – this fun syllabus includes elecution, vocal & drama exercises & song and dance routines. We strongly advise students to attend Drama & Dance classes in addition to MT.

Commercial Jazz

These dance classes combine all the latest dance moves – street dance, body poppin’, lockin, freestyle jazz, disco with Commercial Jazz – exams – Jazz Award Medal Tests – Bronze Silver & Gold are offered to dancers reaching Grade 3 and above – Junior Jazz is also available for student who attend Grade 1 & 2 Ballet & Modern.